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News For Kids brings you easy stories in English, with Chinese translations to help students and second language learners here in Taiwan! Stories are written and recorded by ICRT correspondents, and uploaded every weekday morning.

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Clean-Air Heroes on Wheels Narrator: Around the world, millions of buses make lots of smoke. The smoke makes air pollution. Countries are trying to make their air cleaner. How is China fighting air pollution? 世界各地的公車排放很多廢氣。很多國家想要更乾淨的空氣,中國是如何對抗空氣污染呢? China's cities are using many electric buses, or e-buses. E-buses don't make smoke! They charge their batteries at their bus garage. Then they all drive to their bus stops. They drive about two hundred kilometers a day! 中國用很多電動公車。他們先充電,再前往各個車站,每天大約行駛200公里。 China has the most e-buses in the world. Voices: REALLY?! Narrator: Shenzhen, a big city there, is the first city in the world to have all e-buses! 中國有全世界最多的電動公車。深圳是第一個全面使用電動公車的城市。 E-buses are easy to use in China. They are everywhere! And in L?li?ng, a small city, e-bus rides are free! 中國到處都是電動公車。在呂梁市還可以免費搭乘。 But e-buses also have problems. Making batteries and buses also makes pollution. And batteries don't work well in cold weather. 但是電動公車也有缺點。製造電池跟公車會造成汙染。天氣冷的時候,電池也沒辦法運作。 China is working on these problems. Other countries are watching and learning. 中國正在改善這些問題,其他的國家都很注意,同時也在學習。 Here in Taiwan, all buses will be electric by 2030. Will Taiwan be the first country to have all e-buses? 2030年所有本地公車都會變成電動,這會不會讓台灣成為世上第一個完全使用電動公車的國家? Electric buses help us fight air pollution. Let's ride these clean-air heroes on wheels! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Vocabulary 越來越多城市,打算擴大使用電動公車。 1. electric 電動的 Oh, my, I can hardly breathe! 天啊,我幾乎沒辦法呼吸! Yeah, it really smells bad. 對啊,好難聞喔。 They should switch to electric buses. 他們應該換成電動公車。 2. air 空氣 I agree. 我同意。 It would be so much quieter.會安靜好多。 And much cleaner air. 空氣也乾淨得多。 3. smoke 煙霧 Nowadays I don't take the bus any more.現在我都不搭公車了。 Because of the smoke from traffic? 因為汽車排出來的煙霧嗎? Exactly! 正是! 4. drive 駕駛 Also because I've learned to drive. 也是因為我學會了開車。 Oh no, more pollution. 糟糕,更多污染了。 請跟我讀單字。 electric電動的 air空氣 smoke煙霧 drive駕駛 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Quiz 1. Why is China using e-buses? a. For more smoke b. For free rides c. For cleaner air 2. Where do the e-buses charge? a. Any charging place b. Their bus garage c. A big city park 3. When will Taiwan have all e-buses? a. 2030 b. 2040 c. 2050 Answers: 1. c 2. b 3. a


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