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News For Kids brings you easy stories in English, with Chinese translations to help students and second language learners here in Taiwan! Stories are written and recorded by ICRT correspondents, and uploaded every weekday morning.

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Some people love going to museums… but other people think art museums are… um… a little boring. 有人喜歡,也有人覺得美術館有一點無聊。 What do you think? Do you like looking at art? Well, there's one art museum in Sweden I think almost everyone would want to go to. At this museum in Sweden, there is no art hanging on the walls. In fact, this museum has nothing on the walls! 瑞典有一座美術館,牆壁上什麼都沒有掛! This museum has rooms filled with giant balls, huge pillows, and other cool things… like a room full of pink washing machines! 裡面每一個房間有不同東西,有大球,或是大枕頭。還有一間,它裡面都是粉紅色的洗衣機! Why? Well, the museum wants you to take photos, or videos, or selfies in the rooms. The museum wants you to be the art. 這座美術館希望你照相、錄影,或是自拍,成為藝術的一部份。 You take pictures. And then, your selfie or video becomes art… your art. Art made by you…for you! 這些照片跟影片就變成你自己的藝術作品! I think this sounds super fun. I like art museums… but, I have to say, sometimes they can be a little boring. 感覺很有趣!普通的美術館有時候真的有一點無聊。 It's a pretty interesting idea. Don't look at art… BE the art! 不要只敬佩藝術,要成為藝術的一部份。 What do you think? Should we build this kind of museum in Taiwan? Would you like to make art and BE art? ________________________________ Vocabulary 瑞典這座美術館,讓觀眾參與藝術。 1) art 藝術 Let's go to the art museum tomorrow. 我們明天去藝術博物館吧。 What kind of art is there? 它有哪一種藝術? The best kind, movies. 最好的一種,電影。 2) museum 博物館 A museum about movies? 電影博物館? That sounds interesting! 聽起來很有趣! So we're going to watch a movie? 所以我們要看一場電影嗎? We're going to watch many movies. 我們要看很多電影。 3) take photo 照相 Hey, we should take a photo here. 我們應該在這裡照一張相。 On the street? 在街上? Yeah, we can take it right here. 對,我們可以就在這裡拍。 4) full of 充滿 But the street is full of people. 但是街上都是人呢! That's okay. I don't mind. 沒關係,我不在意。 所以你喜歡逛美術館或是博物館? 來讀讀單字。 art 藝術 museum 博物館 take photo 照相 full of 充滿 ________________________________ Quiz 1. Where is the museum in the story? A: Switzerland B: South Korea C: Sweden 2. What is hanging on the walls of this museum? A: Old art from China and Japan B: Pictures of monkeys and pizza C: Nothing! 3. What does this museum want you to do? A: Take pictures, selfies, or videos in the museum B: Be quiet! C: Look at art for 10 hours Answers 1. C 2. C 3. A


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