The Best Movies You've Never Seen

Trevor Long & Stephen Fenech製作的The Best Movies You've Never Seen

Trevor Long & Stephen Fenech

Stephen Fenech is the movie buff. Trevor Long hasn't seen any great movies. Together they re-watch some great movies and unpack what they liked or not about each one.

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With as many Seinfeld-like references as one could want, Trevor and Stephen unpack a classic and very well known movie - When Harry Met Sally From where that famous cafe is, to who the whole thing is based on, Stephen brings Trev on a wild ride unpacking this classic A love story, a Comedy and so much more.


  • 187 - When Harry Met Sally 
    Fri, 12 Apr 2024
  • 186 - U571 
    Thu, 04 Apr 2024
  • 185 - When We Were Kings 
    Thu, 28 Mar 2024
  • 184 - World War Z 
    Thu, 21 Mar 2024
  • 183 - Scent of a Woman 
    Thu, 14 Mar 2024

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