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Welcome to the Joel Osteen Daily Podcast.  Joel & Victoria Osteen inspire people to reach their dreams, find fresh beginnings and live their best life. Both he and Victoria live in Houston, TX. Visit Joel’s website at

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When God created you, He lined up everything you need to reach your destiny. There is favor, opportunity and divine connections in your future! 

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  • 1667 - Favor Has Been Released Into Your Future | Joel Osteen 
    Thu, 06 Oct 2022
  • 1666 - The Power Of Believing | Joel Osteen 
    Wed, 05 Oct 2022
  • 1665 - The Blessing | Joel Osteen 
    Tue, 04 Oct 2022
  • 1664 - Be Comfortable Not Knowing 
    Mon, 03 Oct 2022
  • 1663 - Taking Care Of Yourself | Joel Osteen 
    Sun, 02 Oct 2022

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