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US President Joe Biden has ended his re-election campaign. He says it’s in the best interest of his party and the country. Mr Biden has endorsed Vice-President Kamala Harris as the new Democratic nominee. Donald Trump says Biden “was not fit to run for president”.


  • 5675 - Biden special: President ends re-election campaign 
    Sun, 21 Jul 2024
  • 5674 - Donald Trump holds first rally since shooting 
    Sun, 21 Jul 2024
  • 5673 - The Happy Pod: South Korea's Samba diplomat 
    Sat, 20 Jul 2024
  • 5672 - Crowdstrike CEO 'deeply sorry' for impact of global IT outage 
    Fri, 19 Jul 2024
  • 5671 - A major worldwide IT outage affects airports, media organisations, banking and healthcare 
    Fri, 19 Jul 2024

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