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Award-winning investigative journalist John Solomon, who helped unravel the bogus Russia collusion scandal, gives you his exclusive reporting and big newsmaker interviews. To get the unvarnished truth about what’s really going on in Washington, subscribe today to John Solomon Reports. To find out more go to

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J Christian Adams, President of the Public Interest Legal Foundation, discusses the groundbreaking decision by the Supreme Court to take up a North Carolina election cases where the Court will be looking at whether the Constitution gives the state legislatures the authority to set the rules for their elections in North Carolina. Adams, a former Justice Department voting rights official, says that this Supreme Court session has shown that the court has “exasperation with bureaucracy,” and the “Wilsonian idea that the elites know best how to be technocrats to govern American life.” Saying that the recent Court decisions and opinions show “finally you see judges who don't give a rip about what the elites think,” “the big story is the regular people finally have a voice in the Supreme Court instead of the elites.” See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at


  • 570 - J Christian Adams: SCOTUS taking NC election case show end of expansive govt, ‘elites knowing best how to govern American life’ 
    Thu, 30 Jun 2022
  • 569 - Border Patrol union leader: ‘If Dems truly cared, would enforce laws’ so migrants aren’t trafficked by ‘dangerous criminal organizations’ 
    Wed, 29 Jun 2022
  • 568 - Special Report: 'How the War on Gas & Oil Made America Energy Dependent Again’ 
    Tue, 28 Jun 2022
  • 567 - Trump Deputy Drug Czar: Biden’s open border benefits drug cartels, China in manufacturing fentanyl crisis in US 
    Mon, 27 Jun 2022
  • 566 - Key GOP Lawmaker lays out top oversight priorities when GOP takes back House 
    Sun, 26 Jun 2022

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