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Jazz Shapers features interviews with entrepreneurs – Business Shapers – who have broken the mould and achieved success in their fields. It’s about the people behind the business, and our guests reveal with startling honesty how they overcame their toughest challenges, their most hard-won advice, and their vision for the future of their industry. Jazz Shapers – now in its ninth year – is a Jazz FM production for Bauer Media.


Jim Cregan on Jazz Shapers with Mishcon de Reya. Jazz Shapers in association with Mishcon de Reya broadcasts every Saturday at 9am, with a repeat on Monday at 5am, just before the Business Breakfast. Presented by broadcaster and Mishcon de Reya’s Director of Business Development Elliot Moss, Jazz Shapers shares music from the risk takers, leaders and influencers of jazz, soul and blues, alongside interviews with their equivalent in the business world: entrepreneurs who have defined and shaped business categories and ways of operating, defying convention and have gone on to achieve great success. With more than 900 people, Mishcon de Reya is an independent London-based law firm that serves an international community of clients. In their words: "We appreciate the privilege of sitting alongside our clients as a trusted advisor. Building strong personal connections to our clients and their businesses is important to us. It is for these reasons we say ‘It’s business. But it’s personal.'


  • 327 - Jimmy's Iced Coffee Co-Founder Jim Cregan 
    Thu, 06 Dec 2018
  • 326 - New Sessions from Mishcon De Reya: Gig Economy 
    Tue, 18 Sep 2018
  • 325 - Fairtrade Karma Cola Co Founder Simon Coley 
    Sat, 21 Jul 2018
  • 324 - Neptune Retail Giant Co-Founder John Sims-Hilditch 
    Wed, 09 May 2018
  • 323 - Vernon Hill - Jazz Shapers with Mishcon de Reya 
    Sat, 04 Mar 2017

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